Hebrew High

Worcester's Jewish Community Hebrew High School offers a pluralistic and welcoming educational, social, and religious experience; inspiring our students and our community to embrace commitment to Judaism, the Jewish people, God, Israel, and the Hebrew language. Students develop strong Jewish identities and the skills to actively engage in the diverse mosaic of Jewish life. The school nurtures life-long Jewish learning and values, and strengthens the Jewish community of Central Massachusetts.


I am delighted to welcome you to Worcester Community Hebrew High School! The high school is open to all students in grades 8 - 12 who belong to Congregation Beth Israel and Temple Emanuel Sinai. Jewish teens who are not affiliated with a synagogue may also attend. Classes meet once a week on Wednesday evenings during the school year, from 6:30 - 8:30 at the Worcester JCC. The students will attend core classes with the other students in their grade, as well as pick electives. Some examples of electives are: Jewish Cooking, Music, Film, Art, Ethics, Israeli culture and Holocaust.   There will also be special all school programs throughout the year. My goal is for the students to have a positive learning experience, and also to have the opportunity to socialize with Jewish teens from the community!


Hebrew High tuition is $550.00 per student. Thanks to substantial financial support from the Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts and Temple Emanuel Sinai and Congregation Beth Israel, synagogue members in good standing at either of these synagogues will benefit from a $200 discount in tuition bringing the total cost to $350.


Feel free to contact me at hhcoordinator@jfcm.org any time.  I can also be reached at 508-475-9785.  I look forward to a wonderful year!


Wendy Davis Wong
Director, Worcester Community Hebrew High School